v2rayA is an easy-to-use and powerful V2Ray client focused on Linux. You can use this section to quickly preview the content of the user documentation.

Get started

This chapter gives a hands-on introduction to v2rayA.

Download and install

If you have already installed v2ray-core and v2rayA, you can skip this section.

This section describes how to run v2rayA in various Linux distributions and Docker. Download and Installation →

Quick Start

If you are familiar with the basic use of v2rayA, you can skip this section.

This section will introduce the basic usage of v2rayA. Quick Start →


This chapter introduces the various functions of v2rayA. The focus is on the usage and performance behavior of each specific function, as well as the difference between similar functions. Manual →

Advanced Application

This chapter introduces the advanced applications of v2rayA, which involves the combination of many functions and flexible usage to accomplish specific tasks. Advanced Application →

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