RedHat / openSUSE

The function of v2rayA depends on the V2Ray core, so the kernel needs to be installed.

openSUSE MicroOS, SLE Micro, Fedora Silverblue / Kinoite

If your distribution uses an immutable file system layout, please avoid installing RPM version on host directly.

Go to: Podman tutorial .

Fedora and CentOS Stream

Enable copr source

sudo dnf copr enable zhullyb/v2rayA

Install V2ray Core

sudo dnf install v2ray

Install v2rayA

sudo dnf install v2raya

Fedora Silverblue / Kinoite

You should follow podman tutorial instead. Avoid overlaying packages on Silverblue / Kinoite.

If you want to install it on host anyway, the tutorial to install v2rayA is as of the following:

Add COPR source

sudo curl -Lo /etc/yum.repos.d/ \$(rpm -E %fedora)/zhullyb-v2rayA-fedora-$(rpm -E %fedora).repo

Install v2rayA

sudo rpm-ostree install v2ray-core v2raya

Then, reboot your system. Or use the following command to apply changes to your running system:

sudo rpm-ostree ex apply-live --allow-replacement

Enable and start the service:

sudo systemctl enable --now v2raya.service

Other rpm-based operating systems

This way can install v2rayA for Alma Linux, Rocky Linux, openSUSE, CentOS 7 or other Linux distribution based on rpm package manager, provided that the distribution you are using uses systemd as system management tools .

Install V2Ray core

V2Ray’s official script

V2Ray installation:

curl -Ls | sudo bash

You can turn off the service after installation, because v2rayA does not depend on the systemd service.

sudo systemctl disable v2ray --now ### Xray needs to replace the service with xray

Install v2rayA

After downloading the rpm package , run:

sudo rpm -i /path/download/installer_redhat_xxx_vxxx.rpm ### Replace the actual path where the rpm package is located by yourself


Start v2rayA / Enable v2rayA start automatically

Starting from version 1.5, v2rayA will no longer be started by default for users, nor will it be set to automatically start up by default.

  • Start v2rayA

    sudo systemctl start v2raya.service
  • Set auto-start

    sudo systemctl enable v2raya.service

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