The function of v2rayA depends on V2Ray core, so it needs to be installed.

Please move to v2raya/v2raya-openwrt .

Install v2rayA manually

Install V2Ray / Xray core

Package xray-core is available since OpenWrt 21.02 stable release.

First install packages unzip and wget-ssl, then download v2ray-core and move it to /usr/bin/ (precompiled builds can be found in v2ray-core/releases ), and finally give the binary file executable permission.


opkg update; opkg install unzip wget-ssl
wget -P /tmp
unzip -d /tmp/v2ray-core /tmp/
cp /tmp/v2ray-core/v2ray /usr/bin/
chmod +x /usr/bin/v2ray
rm -rf /tmp/ /tmp/v2ray-core

Be careful
Pay special attention to the architecture of your device: do not download a binary which is incompatible with it, otherwise the binary will not work. Xray core can be installed in a similar way.

Install v2rayA

Package v2raya is available since OpenWrt 22.03 stable release.

Install required dependencies:

opkg update
opkg install \
    ca-bundle \
    ip-full \
    iptables-mod-conntrack-extra \
    iptables-mod-extra \
    iptables-mod-filter \
    iptables-mod-tproxy \

Download v2rayA binary

Download the precompiled binary file corresponding to the processor architecture from Github Releases , and give it executable permission.


wget -O /usr/bin/v2raya
chmod +x /usr/bin/v2raya

Download v2rayA service files

wget -O /etc/config/v2raya
wget -O /etc/init.d/v2raya
chmod +x /etc/init.d/v2raya

Enable and start the service

uci set v2raya.config.enabled='1'
uci commit v2raya
/etc/init.d/v2raya enable
/etc/init.d/v2raya start

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