The function of v2rayA depends on V2Ray core, so it needs to be installed firstly.

Please move to v2raya/v2raya-openwrt .

Install v2rayA via official OpenWrt feed

v2rayA has been merged into official OpenWrt since OpenWrt 21.02 stable release.

opkg update
opkg install v2raya

Due to poor dependencies management provided by opkg, v2rayA depends to Xray by default.

If you like V2Ray, you may install v2rayA with addtional argument --nodeps (Do not follow dependencies) and install all other necessary dependencies by yourself.

If you have both V2Ray and Xray installed, v2rayA will use the latter by default.

Install v2rayA manually

Install V2Ray / Xray core

Package xray-core has been available since OpenWrt 21.02 stable release.

Package v2ray-core has been available since OpenWrt 22.03 stable release.

First install packages unzip and wget-ssl, then download v2ray-core and move it to /usr/bin/ (precompiled builds can be found in v2ray-core/releases ), and finally give the binary file executable permission.


opkg update; opkg install unzip wget-ssl
wget -P /tmp
unzip -d /tmp/v2ray-core /tmp/
cp /tmp/v2ray-core/v2ray /usr/bin/
chmod +x /usr/bin/v2ray
rm -rf /tmp/ /tmp/v2ray-core

Xray-core can be installed in a similar way.

Be careful

Pay special attention to the architecture of your device: do not download a binary which is incompatible with it, otherwise the binary will not work.

Install v2rayA

Install required dependencies:

For OpenWrt 22.03 and higher version:

opkg update
opkg install \
    ca-bundle \
    ip-full \

For OpenWrt 21.02 and lower version:

opkg update
opkg install \
    ca-bundle \
    ip-full \
    iptables-mod-conntrack-extra \
    iptables-mod-extra \
    iptables-mod-filter \
    iptables-mod-tproxy \

Download v2rayA binary

Download the precompiled binary file corresponding to the processor architecture from Github Releases , and give it executable permission.


wget -O /usr/bin/v2raya
chmod +x /usr/bin/v2raya

Download v2rayA service files

wget -O /etc/config/v2raya
wget -O /etc/init.d/v2raya
chmod +x /etc/init.d/v2raya

Enable and start the service

uci set v2raya.config.enabled='1'
uci commit v2raya
/etc/init.d/v2raya enable
/etc/init.d/v2raya start

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