The function of v2rayA depends on the V2Ray core, so the V2Ray Core needs to be installed.

Install V2Ray Core/ Xray Core

If you have already installed the core, you can skip this section.

Method 1: Install from Package Manager

As of Alpine Linux 3.15, V2Ray has entered the Community repo. Edit the apk’s configuration to enable Community feeds:

vi /etc/apk/repositories

Then install V2Ray:

apk update && apk add v2ray

Method 2: Official Script of V2Ray/Xray

V2Ray installation reference:

Xray installation reference:

Install v2rayA

Download the binary executable file

According to your platform, obtain the v2raya_linux_xxx file with v2raya_linux_xxx from Release and rename it to v2raya , then move v2raya to /usr/local/bin and give executable permissions.


version=$(curl -s|grep Version|cut -d' ' -f2)
curl -L$version/v2raya_linux_x64_$version --output v2raya
mv ./v2raya /usr/local/bin/ && chmod +x /usr/local/bin/v2raya

You can use the arch command to query your platform architecture. For example, for the x86_64 architecture, you need to download the x64 version.

Create a service file

Create a new file named v2raya under the /etc/init.d/ directory, then edit it, and add the following content:


description="A web GUI client of Project V which supports VMess, VLESS, SS, SSR, Trojan, Tuic and Juicity protocols"
rc_ulimit="-n 30000"

depend() {
    need net
    after net

start_pre() {
   export V2RAYA_CONFIG="/usr/local/etc/v2raya"
   export V2RAYA_LOG_FILE="/tmp/v2raya/access.log"
   if [ ! -d "/tmp/v2raya/" ]; then
     mkdir "/tmp/v2raya"
   if [ ! -d "/var/log/v2raya/" ]; then
   ln -s "/tmp/v2raya/" "/var/log/"

Save the file, and then give the file executable permissions.

Install the iptables module

apk add iptables ip6tables

Run v2rayA and make it start while system boots (optional)

rc-service v2raya start
rc-update add v2raya

View logs

tail -f /var/log/v2raya/access.log

Other operations

Specify WebDir

Add a parameter --webdir to command_args of the service file, and then specify the directory where the Web file is located. for example:

command_args=" --webdir=/usr/local/etc/v2raya/web"

Specify the core

Add a parameter --v2ray-bin tocommand_args of the service file, and then specify the directory where the kernel is located. for example:

command_args=" --v2ray-bin=/usr/local/bin/xray"

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