Environment Variables and Command Line arameters

V2RAYA_ADDRESS: The Listening Address of v2rayA. (“” for default)

V2RAYA_CONFIG: The Configuration file Directory of v2rayA. ("/etc/v2raya" for default)

V2RAYA_V2RAY_BIN: The Executable file Path of v2ray. It can be specified to use other branch of v2ray, like xray. It will be automaticlly detected if this variable is not specified.

V2RAYA_V2RAY_CONFDIR: Additional Configuration file Directory of v2ray. The v2ray configuration file in this directory will be combined with the configuration file generated by v2rayA.

V2RAYA_WEBDIR: The Front-end GUI file Directory of v2rayA. ("/etc/v2raya/web" for default)

V2RAYA_PLUGINLISTENPORT: Internal plug-in port of v2rayA. (32346 for default)

V2RAYA_FORCE_IPV6_ON: Force enable IPv6, even if v2rayA thinks that this machine doesn’t support IPv6.

V2RAYA_PASSCHECKROOT: Skip the check of Root Access. Only use the variable when you are sure that you have the Root Aceess and v2rayA gives a WRONG Judgement.

V2RAYA_VERBOSE: Verbose Log Mode. The log of v2ray-core and v2rayA will be printed together if this Variable is turning on.

V2RAYA_RESET_PASSWORD: Reset the password.

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