An easy-to-use and powerful V2Ray client focusing on Linux

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Open-source AGPL-3.0 Licensed. Github

Global Transparent Proxy

Transparent proxy can provide proxy services for almost all applications, regardless of whether the application supports it. v2rayA supports one-click to open the transparent proxy, eliminating the need for tedious configuration operations.

Powerful and Light ⚡️

v2rayA is written in Golang and Vue.js, which has no external dependency library at runtime. It can run on any Linux system, and it can be operated with any browser.

External Access

For Linux systems without a graphical interface, after installing v2rayA, you can use another PC or mobile device to complete the operations. This is extremely convenient for remote servers and routers.

Multi-outbound Load Balancing and Traffic Split

v2rayA allows users to create and connect multiple outbound nodes to achieve load balancing and traffic split.

Custom Routing Powered by RoutingA

RoutingA is a routing language specially designed for V2Ray by v2rayA, which provides powerful and convenient support for traffic split.

Flexible Strategies to Deal with DNS Pollution

v2rayA provides a variety of strategies to deal with DNS pollution, and advanced settings can provide users with more customized settings.